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Who is actually behind the Laparoscopyboxx? That would be me, Guus Bökkerink. In the first year of my surgical residency, I quickly developed a hugeinterest for laparoscopy.  Because I wanted to improve my skills in this area, I went out in search of a box trainer. Unfortunately, they were unaffordable. Price tags of a thousand euro were more the norm than the exception  so, I decided to build one myself. After trialing many designs (some of which failed, but that happens), I finally came up with the Laparoscopyboxx. A simple but qualitatively good box trainer that’s not only incredibly affordable but also very practical to use.  

The search for instruments that were both affordable and good quality also took some time. Eventually, I found what I was looking for and the product was almost complete. Only the Laparoscopyboxx App was missing.  In 2017, I obtained a subsidy and could begin designing it. In the App, there are different exercises and challenges that you can do. Additionally, the App lets you track and see your learning curve. 


These days, my Laparoscopyboxxes are literally flown all over the world: from the Netherlands to Japan, from Mexico to Thailand.  

I hope that the Laparoscopyboxx can help develop the talents of surgeons, urologists, gynecologists and also veterinarians. I also hope that, by training on the Laparoscopyboxx, they can achieve a steep learning curve.  


Do you have questions, suggestions or other comments? Then email me at: info@laparoscopyboxx.com. Or you can call me: (+31) 6 19532738.

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