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The Laparoscopyboxx Pediatric and Single Port  was inspired by my passion for pediatric surgery. Pediatric surgery is a subtle form of surgery: it requires extra skills to be able to operate in a small space between especially vulnerable tissues. That’s why it’s so important to train. The Laparoscopyboxx Pediatric is one of the few – if not the only – pediatric box trainers on the market. This box differs from the normal version in two ways: it has two extra rubber ports that are situated close to each other and extra short legs so that the training is close to the camera. The normal-sized legs are also included.

Single port? Yes! Situated directly under the camera are two holes (without rubber): by inserting your instruments through here, you can experience the feel of a single port.

contents of package

  • Laparoscopyboxx Special Edition assembly pack
    • LaparoscopyBoxx 5 ports
    • Standard LaparoscopyBoxx legs
    • Pediatric Laparoscopyboxx legs
    • Exercise board 1
    • Exercise board 2
    • Wooden wrench
    • Screwdriver bit (suitable for all included screws)
    • Suturing pad
    • Rubber rings
    • Elastic bands
    • Two balloons
    • Two pieces of gauze

And of course, free access to the Laparoscopyboxx App!

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