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  • Laparoscopyboxx Special Edition assembly pack
  • Laparoscopic Scissors A, 5mm, 33cm shaft
  • Laparoscopic Dissector A, 5mm, 33cm shaft
  • Laparoscopic Needleholder A, 5mm, 33cm shaft


Box training is the oldest and still the most effective way to develop your laparoscopy skills.

The Laparoscopyboxx is a simple, wooden box trainer with endless possibilities. The practical design, combined with the high quality of the camera on your tablet or telephone, means that you can simply pick up the Laparoscopyboxx for a beneficial and effective training.

The Laparoscopyboxx Pediatric and Single Port  was inspired by my passion for pediatric surgery. Pediatric surgery is a subtle form of surgery: it requires extra skills to be able to operate in a small space between especially vulnerable tissues. That’s why it’s so important to train. The Laparoscopyboxx Pediatric is one of the few – if not the only – pediatric box trainers on the market. This box differs from the normal version in two ways: it has two extra rubber ports that are situated close to each other and extra short legs so that the training is close to the camera. The normal-sized legs are also included.

Single port? Yes! Situated directly under the camera are two holes (without rubber): by inserting your instruments through here, you can experience the feel of a single port.

Contents of package

  • Laparoscopyboxx assembly pack
    • LaparoscopyBoxx 5 ports
    • Standard LaparoscopyBoxx legs
    • Pediatric Laparoscopyboxx legs
    • Exercise board 1
    • Exercise board 2
    • Wooden wrench
    • Screwdriver bit (suitable for all included screws)
    • Suturing pad
    • Rubber rings
    • Elastic bands
    • Two balloons
    • Two pieces of gauze
  • Laparoscopic Scissors A, 5mm, 33cm shaft
  • Laparoscopic Dissector A, 5mm, 33cm shaft
  • Laparoscopic Needleholder A, 5mm, 33cm shaft

And of course, free access to the Laparoscopyboxx App!

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